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Protecting your data

We’re committed to the security of your patient’s data and provide multiple layers of protection for the personal and financial information you trust to Core Practice.

Core Practice is the only dental PMS in Australia to proudly achieve the International Standardization ISO 27001 standard certification.

Your data is safe with us

  • For the last 12 months, Core Practice has gone through a comprehensive process of reviewing, documenting, testing and implementing our information security processes to comply with the stringent requirements associated with being ISO 27001 Certified, and Core Practice is the only dental PMS in Australia to proudly achieve the International Standardization ISO 27001 standard certification. By gaining this certification, The Core Practice data security system has been independently audited and verified resulting in ISO 27001 certification being awarded.
  • Are you concerned about your patient data privacy and security? Core Practice takes your patient data confidentiality seriously, which is why we adopt industry standard, enterprise-level security, and transport your data safely using AES-256 encrypted channels. This means that in the unlikely event that you’re connected to an unsafe network, your data will remain unreadable to anyone besides yourself and your browser. This is the same encryption method which protects you when you’re banking online, so you’re likely already familiar with it. If a website you’re viewing doesn’t use this type of encryption and you’re connected to an unsafe network, attackers could potentially “eavesdrop” on your browser sessions. This means that they could view the data being transported between the server and your browser. This is likely something which most of us take for granted in daily life, but you may want to keep that in mind next time you’re connected to a public Wi-Fi. 
  • The physical security of your servers is just as crucial as the virtual security measures used to protect your data. Without some form of physical security, your data could be at risk of theft or damage from intruders or disgruntled employees. It can be expensive to replicate the type of security necessary to protect your servers, which is why we put our trust in the professionals. Our servers are located in multiple datacentres around Australia, which employ state-of-the-art security measures to protect your data. These datacentres have multiple layers of security, utilising both technological and physical security techniques. Access controlled card readers, as well as extensive video surveillance and alarm systems are implemented in order to limit and record access to all areas of the datacentre. Perimeter fencing, security guards and locked server racks are then put in place to provide a physical barrier between your data and the outside world.

Data Redundancy & Automatic Backups

  • Data redundancy is an online computing technology which involves holding the same piece of data in more than one place. This can be more than one place within the same server, the same datacentre or the same country. We utilise all three of these levels; our data is stored on multiple disks in multiple servers held in multiple datacentres across Australia. With this configuration, you’ll be covered in most scenarios. Has a hard disk failed in one of our servers? We can seamlessly switch over to another server in that same datacentre. Has the entire datacentre experienced an outage? Once again, we can effortlessly switch over to one of our unaffected datacentres. You can rest easy knowing that we can restore you to normal operation after a disaster, thanks to our infrastructure and configuration. Have you considered all this in your data recovery plan?
  • Backups are an essential part of any disaster recovery plan, despite being an absolute last resort. This is because with so many levels of redundancy, we really only need to rely on backups as an insurance plan in case of human error or if there's an issue affecting all of our datacentres. You may always lose some data, but the amount you lose depends on how frequent your backups are. Are your backups frequent enough that your business could survive after a disaster? Our backups are automatically performed multiple times an hour, in an attempt to keep data loss to a minimum. We take these measures to give you peace of mind that you will continue to operate, even if the absolute worst happens.

Scalable infrastructure

Core Practice has been built around the modern platform of online computing, using the latest technologies to deliver convenience and efficiency by providing benefits such as flexibility, security and scalability. This scalability is brought to life by our server management system. It intelligently detects changes in usage based on predetermined parameters – such as the peak times of day or a percentage of CPU usage – and automatically scales-up our servers. Your business will never be limited with our infrastructure, because our infrastructure grows as your business needs grow. Your current set up may be adequate now that you have a small patient-base and light usage, but it may not be enough when patient volume increases. How will this affect your business in the next few years? Do you feel that your IT infrastructure could hold you back from opening another clinic? With most configurations, you would have to purchase expensive servers to improve your performance, as well as paying someone to install them and keep them running, maintained and supported. With Core Practice, expanding is as easy as clicking a button and immediately having enough computing power to run all clinics comfortably. This is how we can offer such great value for money for our services; you only have to pay for the computing capacity that you’re actually using, and we take care of the running costs, maintenance and support (unlike that traditional server set up you were contemplating).

Unlimited Storage

Did you consider storage when you first purchased your server, but never gave it a second thought until you ran out of space? One of the many benefits of online computing is the fact that you don’t have physical limitations on your storage capacity, unlike your traditional server set up. Once you’ve realised that your traditional server is running out of space, you would have to purchase a new hard disk and have it installed onto your server. This costs money for both the hardware and the installation, not to mention the cost of down-time while the disk is being installed. This obviously becomes a problem because it means you could potentially have to stop operating just to increase your storage capacity. You’ll never have to think about reaching your storage capacity again.

Server security updates, Software upgrades

Owning your own servers might seem easy at first, but have you considered all the aspects of owning and maintaining them? They’re not just set-and-forget. There are basic maintenance tasks to be performed regularly, as well as technical tasks when it comes time to upgrading. 

  1. Firstly, you would have to find somewhere to house the servers, taking into account power outages, cooling and the noise produced. We take care of the technical stuff so that you won’t have to. Our datacentres take care of your servers, with backup power reserves in the case of an extended power fault, as well as looking after the cooling for you. Having the servers off-site also means you won’t have to manage the noise created by your servers, which means a comfortable experience in your clinic. 
  2. In order to have the latest software features, you would have to perform your own software updates. The process may be simple enough, but it also takes time to do. Our software is upgraded outside of operating hours, so disruptions during your working day are kept to a minimum. We also try to keep our maintenance scheduled, so that you’re prepared when they happen. This ensures that you’re always using the latest and greatest version of our software.
  3. The task of monitoring your hardware would solely be left to you too, such as checking storage and memory capacity and performing regular clean-ups and archiving. When you begin to be hindered by your hardware, you would have to purchase some expensive replacements to get you back up to speed again, as well as installing them yourself. This takes the technical skills to complete and not to mention a substantial disruption. We look after everything technical in an attempt to run your servers optimally. With us looking over things for you, you can rest assured that everything will be running smoothly.

24/7 Monitoring and Alert ​

Monitoring our servers is one of the easiest ways to catch an issue before it escalates. It also allows us to diagnose the issues quickly when we are aware of them. How quickly are you able to diagnose a problem when your servers are down? Are you qualified to do so, or do you need to call your support team? We use our data insights to ensure our servers are running optimally, using a range of parameters. We receive instant alerts when we’re experiencing failed or unusually slow requests, attempted security breaches, as well as reaching predetermined performance and storage limits. This means that you basically have a dedicated IT team always keeping an eye out for you. We understand that you have a clinic to take care of and it’s imperative to have a piece of software that you can rely on, which is why we work hard to keep you online. Our team have the tools and the intellect to quickly diagnose any server problems before they’re reported and to keep you online so that your business won’t have to suffer as a result.

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