This is Core Practice

"It would be great if..."

These five words sparked a notion in the eye of Kenny Ha; the software engineer behind what you see in front of you. He first heard them at a friend’s Sunday barbecue in 2014 in Sydney, Australia where he met the owner of a dental business. He confided in Kenny that his business wasn’t growing like it was initially; his legacy software was limiting his business' growth potential.

Humble beginnings

Setting up a makeshift office in his daughter's nursery, Kenny spent his time off looking into the leading practice management software options. He found that they were essentially all based on technologies that were very expensive and difficult to use. The software was also lagging technologically and just looked outdated. His experience with online software gave him the foundation for building Core Practice. He took it upon himself to start working alongside business owners, dentists and receptionists in an attempt to better understand their daily tasks and needs. Starting from the basics allowed him to construct a software which was more simple to operate and easy to use while taking advantage of the latest technologies.

Our vision

We saw the opportunity to modernise dental practice management software by using state-of-the-art technology. We needed to come up with something that would bring the commercial, clinical and clerical back into one beautiful piece of software. We needed to make it more secure, reliable, flexible and portable than the current options. With this in mind, we started Core Practice; a cutting edge piece of software built around an online computing platform. This technology isn’t new by any means, but it’s a step in the right direction for the dental industry. Now we’re able to bring the many benefits of online computing to the dental community; greater security, reliability, flexibility and connectivity, thanks to our infrastructure and design. This combination has made us one of the most modern pieces of dental software available today.

What lies ahead

The vision did not stop there. We continue to visualise what the future holds for dental software. The benefits brought upon by using an online software platform is something that members of the dental community have still not completely experienced. Traditional software was never developed with multi-location support in mind, whereas Core Practice was built around it. This limits traditional software in that business owners can't get a holistic view of their business, because their locations simply aren't linked. Dental software is also heading towards becoming more agile; a foundation which allows the dental community to experience continued improvements and promoting the ultimate in software flexibility, driven by the community itself. Business owners can learn to expect increased and ongoing growth with online software thanks to this platform.

Core Practice has continued to grow since that Sunday barbecue, but we always ask ourselves:

“Wouldn’t it be great if..?”

We use these words to continue the inspiration for Core Practice. We're striving to make the software an essential part of the modern dental practice.

A simpler way to manage your dental practice

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